Topic: Storage Unit Size

Large Storage Units

Most storage companies allow you to upgrade to the biggest and most accommodating storage unit. Secure and accessible, you get space for all of your large furniture pieces, appliances, electronics, valuables and boxes. These storage units also have the capacity to store cars, trucks, motorcycles and even boats. Large storage units typically range in size from 200 to 300 square feet and, of course, you can choose climate control storage or regular storage.

The Large storage space is great for boats and motor vehicles so you don’t have to store at home. . There are definitely some great benefits for choosing larger storage units. For those who have multiple vehicles, lots of furniture, or water vehicles, it’s important to have a space that can fit everything and more. When you need access to your larger valuables any time and want the benefits of security, larger storage units are the most affordable choice. You can store almost anything in these and still have room for more. Available units may be limited for larger storage units, so it’s best to check beforehand and reserve a storage unit for a time period that best suits your needs.

See our large size storage unit options:

Unit Size Equivalent to: This Unit will hold:
(200 Sq. Ft.)
Standard one-car garage Rooms of furniture fit well in these units. It’s also good for storing small boats or water sports equipment like jet skis or para sailing equipment and even cars.
(300 Sq. Ft.)
Standard two-car garage As much as two vehicles, large boats, farm equipment, multiple rooms of furniture, multiple large appliances and an massive amount of boxes fit well in this size unit. Many people choose to store boats, vehicles, antiques, and valuables in these types of units because of space, climate control and security.